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Camping Club Youth

At selected meets throughout the year, the youth leaders will organise a CCY only area where the youth can camp together. 

There are two other meets that the youth can attend, the National Meet and the International Meet.  


Each Region takes it in turn to organise the National Meet.  At this meet Central Counties compete against other regions in 5 aside football, volleyball, netball and fun sports.


The International Meet is held in a different country each year.  The only restriction is that youth have to be over 14 years of age and must have passed the CCY test.

We have a few youth interested in taking the CCY Test.
If you are interested we have organised our training dates for 2020. These weekends will include activities needed to pass the test, such as; basic map reading, basic first aid, cooking, tent erection etc...


Link to CCY Test Information...

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