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WHDA Committee

Peter Leigh


The Chairman has overall responsibility to the DA and acts as the main DA representative at all functions. He also has full responsibility for the WHDA Committee.

Richard Edwards

Vice Chairman

The Vice Chairman assists the Chairman in the running of the DA and acts as deputy when required.

Vikki Barras



The Secretary is responsible for the day to day running of the DA. Receives all of the Camping Club information and documents. The secretary also produces the minutes and agendas for all meetings

Nikki O'Neil 


The Treasurer is responsible for all of the DA accounts and producing the annual financial report for each AGM.

Diane Bate

Assistant Social Secretary


CCJ Leaders

Under the guidance and overall responsibility of the Youth Leaders,  the CCJ Leaders are responsible for our Camping & Caravanning Club Juniors.
CCJ Leaders encourage 8 – 11 year olds to camp in preparation to join the youth section.


CCY Leaders

The CCY Leaders are responsible for the Camping & Caravanning Club Youth. The Youth Leaders look after the youth section to encourage our 12 – 18 year olds to camp and organise special Youth Events such as attending the national Youth Rally. They are also key in supporting training of youth for the club youth test.   

Diane Bate

Bookings Officer

Carole Simpson

Purchasing Officer

The Purchasing Officer is responsible for any purchases that need to be made for upcoming meets and special events.

Paul Burgess

Support Officer

Supports WHDA in the general running of meets and events.

Mel Mason

Regalia Officer

The Regalia Officer is responsible for the purchase and sale of WHDA Regalia.

Tracy Wilkes & Richard Edwards

Catering Officers

The Catering Officers are responsible for all DA catering needs, such as the Christmas party, children's weekends and coffee mornings

Diane Bate 


The Webmaster is responsible for the management of the DA website and social media channels and the quality of its content.

​The Public Relations Officer is responsible for promoting WHDA, producing the meet programmes and leaflets and ensuring that all relevant information regarding WHDA future activities is published in sufficient time

Patricia Hartland 

Regional Representative Officer

The Regional Representatives attend the Camping and Caravanning Club Regional Committee meetings to represent WHDA.

Angela Leigh

Social Secretary

The Social Secretary is responsible for the entertainment at all DA functions, such as New year, Christmas party, Easter etc.

Tracy Wilkes


Support Officer 


And of course all our WHDA Members who always give a helping hand...

Thank You All!

Interested in joining our committee?

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